The educational process is composed of 3 chairs: ,,Fundamentale  Medicine and Ecology’’, ,,Technology and analysis of medical preparations and cosmetics’’, and ,,Forestry and Public gardens’’.

The Faculty has very qualified personnel comprising doctors, university professors, docents, senior lecturers, masters of sciences and instructors. The faculty is equipped with modern halls, specialized laboratories (of electrophysiology, biophysics, experimental physiology, toxicology, sanitary chemistry, histology, anatomy, bacteriology, parasitology, micrology, immunology, molecularly biology, biochemical investigations, pharmacotherapy and phototherapy, pharmacology, physical – chemical methods of analysis, pharmacognosy, of chemical analysis of the medical products and cosmetics, etc.), computer halls, anatomic museum, etc. The students have free access to the new informational technologies, Internet, media center, libraries, and lecturer halls.


Department of ,, Fundamentale  medicine and ecology’’

The Chair of Fundamentale  medicine and ecology was founded in 1994. It is situated on the 5th floor, Central block of the university (head teachers) and the laboratories are on the 3rd and 9th floors (audiences and laboratories), and measures an area of 500 square meters. The Department has a scientific laboratory and other auxiliary rooms necessary to teach at a high level. There also is a scientific students circle which organizes two scientific sessions: ,,Bioecology’’ (leader Eudochia Zagorneanu), and ,,Zoonoze’’(leader Nina Tălămbuţă).


       The specialty of ,,Molecular Biology’’ represents two branches of the biology which integrated at the molecular level with implications in biology, biotechnology, bioengineering, exploitation of natural and human resources. The goal of the department is to prepare specialists with deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field. The graduates will work in biotechnological centers and factories, centers of animal, plant and micro-organism selection, laboratories and institutions of scientific researches.

         The specialty of ,,Ecology’’ is a branch of the biology and medicine, which study the environmental factors and their positive and negative action on living organisms, especially on the human body. The ecology appreciates, improves and protects the environment and the human health. It does the ecological bio-monitoring and expertise of the bio-ecosystems. The specialty’s purpose is to train professionals in the Protection of human health and environment. The graduates in Ecology are qualified to activate in the institutions of scientific research, ecological laboratories, centers of environment bio-monitoring and control, institutions of water, air, soil and forest protection, ministries and institutions of higher education.

          The specialty of ,,Ecological Security’’.

The specialist will work in the national and transnational enterprises, departments, public ministries, international organizations, university institutions representatives in the country and abroad. The adept in the environment and ecological security problems places himself in the science system of contemporary society. Considering difficult to imagine nowadays the information system without the new technologies in the ecological security, the specialist’s activity involves the informatics and mathematics methods in ecology. The expert on ecological security can develop his professional activity in all the socio-economic-cultural spheres of our life, for example: 1. Economic enterprises; 2. Juridical enterprises; 3. Transnational companies; 4. Representatives of the international organizations; 5. Centers of preventive medicine; 6. Magazines and newspapers editorial offices; 7. Ecotourism offices; 8. Radio – television; 9. Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the RM; 10. State Ecological Inspectorate; 11. Regional and Rational Environmental Agencies; 12. State Customs Inspectorate; 13. Ecological Prosecutor’s Office of the RM.

        The specialty of ,,Public Services (Esthetics)’’, offers the possibility to work as: a masseur – cosmetologist in the beauty salons, massage salons; an informative –  consultant about the cosmetics products and their preparation; a researcher in the cosmetology field; a manager of the cosmetics and massage clinics; a controller of the quality of the cosmetics products,  and their merceological analysis; a consultant in the rational use of cosmetics.


Department of ,,Technology and analysis of medical preparations and cosmetics’’

The chair of ,,Technology and analysis of medical preparations and cosmetics’’ was founded in 2005 on the base of 3 chairs which activated at the Pharmaceutical Faculty since 1996: ,,Chair of General Chemistry’’, ,,Chair of Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmacognosy’’ and the ,,Chair of Technology and Pharmacy organization’’. During all this time, at the department there were working many qualified specialists, professors, doctors, lecturers, as: Calalb T. – lecturer; Junghietu G – professor; Golub C. – doctor of pharmacy; Aricu A. – lecturer; Cocu M. – doctor of chemistry, etc. Nowadays, the chair employs in states the following professors: Ozol L. – associate professor, chairman; Remis V. – PhD of pharmacy; Ocopnaia N. – associate professor; Bodiu V. – associate professor; Purice N. – lecturer-assistant; Magari M. – main lab assistant.

There also is a scientific students circle which organizes two scientific sessions: ,,Farmacon” (leader Remis V.), and ,,Problems and methods of the contemporary chemistry’’ (director Ocopnaia N., Ozol L.).


The specialty of ,,Technology of Medical and Cosmetic products’’ offers the opportunity to activate as: a technologist at the enterprises of medical and cosmetics production; a manager in the institutions of cosmetics industrial service; a consultant in the rational use of the medical and cosmetics products; an expert in chemical – judicial researches; a specialist in the merceological analysis of medical and cosmetics products.

The specialty of ,,Pharmaceutical technology’’ gives the possibility to work as a technologist – pharmacist in the preparation field of pharmaceutical products; manage the technological process of pharmaceutical production of medical products; work in pharmacies; control the medicines quality; organize the collect of medical plants and the standardization of vegetable product; test the chemical – toxicological analysis; inform and consult about the new medicines and their reasonable utilization; activate in the pharmaceutical field; realize researches about the medical technologies.

Department of ,,Forestry and Public Gardens’’

The department of ,,Forestry andPublicGardens’’ from the International Free University of Moldova, founded in 1994, is the first department of this type in the RM. The main goal of this department is to cultivate qualified specialists in the field after the European tradition of the higher forest education, and taking account of the actual necessities and the perspectives of the forestry fund, the needs of work market in theRepublicofMoldovaand abroad. The chair’s activity focuses on the following fields: forestry households and green spaces, forests cultivation and improvement; forest ecological reconstruction; management of hunting resources; creation and improvement of the green spaces; realization of the educative – informative work about the forest importance and the benefits. From the beginning it was known that to form good professionals in the field, there is necessary of a high level teaching with the best specialists. In this way the university signed contracts of collaboration with the Botanical Garden (Institute) of     AŞM, Agency for Forestry ,,Moldsilva”, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

  The Specialty of ,,Forestry and Public Gardens’’ offers the opportunity to perform in the field of forest management and research, design and management of green spaces. The specialist is intended to activate in the republican and local structures of Ecology and Forestry, and in the other state and non-state structures and organizations, which activity involves directly and indirectly the problem solving in forestry and landscape architecture.