Faculty‘s Staff

List of Biomedicine and Ecology Faculty teachers, In the academic year 2016-2017

 Fundamental medcine and Ecology Department:


Nr. d/o Name, Surname Scientific degree Employee Disciplines
1. Zagorneanu Eudochia dr.hab., prof.univ. holder Pharmaceutical botany

Plant biology


2. Socolov Vasilii PhD, Associate Professor holder General hygiene

Basics of toxicology




Toxicology of medicines

3. Tălămbuţă Nina PhD, Associate Professor holder Skin invasions

Antiparasitic products



4. Gumovschi Andrei PhD, Associate Professor holder Animal ecology

General Ecology

Plant ecology

Human ecology

Natural ecosystems



Ecological safety (I part)

Ecological safety (II part)


5. Socolova Ludmila lecturer, MA holder Health science   (rus)

Biostatistics   (rus)

Bioethics    (rus)

General hygiene (rus)

Public Health (rus)

Professional ethics (rus)

Hygiene of esthetical units (rus)

Cosmetic massage (rus)

Massage basics (rus)

Baby massage  (rus)

Kinesiotherapy    (rus)

Massage techniques    (rus)

6. Rusanovschi Valeria lecturer, MA holder Massage basics

Baby massage


Massage techniques

Extent techniques

Physical medicine

7. Peca Daniela lecturer, MA holder History of beauty

Beauty care products

Cosmetic massage


8. Balan Valentina lecturer holder Pathology

Health science

Public Health

Professional ethics

Pharmacology (part I)

Pharmacology (part II)


Interaction and the problems of drugs’ compatibility

9. Soltan Natalia lecturer, MA holder

internal cumulation

Information technologies



Life quality

10. Stavila Mariana lecturer, MA holder

internal cumulation

Pharmaceutical law

Environmental law

Jurisprudence estetologie

11. Gagea Nadejda lecturer, MA cumul intern Sistems anatomy and physiology Human

Anatomy and physiology  Human anatomy and physiology

12. Scripnic Vitalie PhD, professor external cumulation Ergonomics and physiology of labor

Naturopathy in cosmetology

13. Șoltoian Nicolae PhD, Associate Professor external cumulation Hygiene and ecology

Sanitary chemistry

Hygiene and environmental ecology (I part)

Hygiene and environmental ecology (II part)

Chemical pollution of the environment

14. Drumea Dumitru PhD, Associate Professor external cumulation Biogeocenology

Methodology of the ecological projects development

Biosphere geophysics

Ecological management

Ecological expertise

Ecological monitoring

15. Fișer Lucia PhD, associate Interim external cumulation Oriental treatments


16. Goroșenco Daria lecturer, MA external cumulation Visage
17. Lica Ecaterina lecturer, MA external cumulation Tricologye

Micropigmentatia skin

18. Bumbac Tudor lecturer external cumulation General dermatology

Special dermatology

Aesthetic dermatology

19. Cebotarenco Serghei lecturer external cumulation Medical emergencies

Basics of pharmacology


20. Ozol Ludmila PhD, Associate Professor internal cumulation History of beauty (rus)

Biological chemistry (rus)

21. Bodiu Vasile PhD, Associate Professor internal cumulation Biological chemistry