21 June, 2017

Danube Day in the Fee International University of Moldova – ULIM
Danube Day is regional festival event, which unites around 87 mln people living in the Danube river basin in 17 countries. These states signed a Danube Convention on sustainable use of natural resources in the Danube river basin on the 29th of June 1994, aiming at sustainable development in the region. The Republic of Moldova as a country, which ratified this Convention in 1999 is actively involved in the development of diffrent planning documents for its part of the Danube region thus contributing to the acheiving of the „good ecological status” of water ecosystems in the whole Danube basin. Activities implemented in Moldova are in line with the provisions of the EU environmental Directives including a „Water Framework Directive”, which presumes development of the integrated river basin management plan for the whole basin without national borders.
In the frame of the celebration of the Danube Day Dr. Dumitru Drumea told to the ULIM students the most important results obtained in Moldova under Danube activities. He also presented main advantages of implementation of the EU environmental Directives for sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova. In the frame of discussions students expressed great interest to the EU Directives and told about necessity to include these issues in the teaching curiculums for relevant subjetcs as well as necessity on implementation of the Moldova –EU Association Agreement in the filed of environment.img_1762
Celebration of the Danube Day in ULIM was organized in the frame of the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology. Danube Day events will be further organized in different summer schools in the regions of Moldova. Materials prepared in ULIM for educational purposes will be presented in the frame of discussions and trainings with different level of public and civil authorities, liceums pupils as well as different target groups of population in different districts in the Republic of Moldova.

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